Tips for Designing Great Power BI Dashboards and Reports

August 20, 2019



Are you looking for information regarding Microsoft Power BI and would like to learn the best practices for designing great Power BI dashboards and reports? We have got you covered. 



In this blog we provide you the summary of the top tips along with the links to the original articles to find further information to designing great Power BI visualizations.


Editor's Note:


Before we jump in to the articles we’d like to note something. 


In a case you are optimising a dashboard or a report to be used solely on Digital Signage displays keep these two rules of thumb in mind:


Focus on the most important information, have less content 

  • The audience Digital Signage displays are typically looking at the displays from further distances compared to the laptop.


Use larger fonts

  • Make the content stand out and easy to view. Using larger fonts also forces to minimize the amount of content - circling back to rule number one



Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at the tips and articles that help you to design great dashboards and reports.




Microsoft Docs


Tips for Designing Great Power BI Dashboard





This article, by several contributors, will help you make the most important information stand out, make the dashboard clean and uncluttered. 


The summary of the top tips in this article are:


  1. Consider your Audience

  2. Tell a Story on One screen

  3. Make use of full screen mode

  4. Accent the most important information

  5. Place the most important information

  6. Use the right visualizations for the right data


They also have further links to a white paper and a video in the article.


The entire article can be found here: Tips for Designing a Great Power BI Dashboards





The 15 rules to design a perfect dashboard




Marco Russo gives you Power BI design best practices in this webinar recording.


The summary of the design best practices are:


  1. Design for a target

  2. Keep everything at a glance

  3. Keep it simple

  4. Align elements

  5. Be consistent

  6. Highlight the most relevant information

  7. Be clear

  8. Start from zero

  9. Shorten the numbers

  10. Show the context

  11. Choose the right colors

  12. Design dashboards, not reports

  13. Show variations

  14. Leave the noise off

  15. Pick the right parts


You can find the webinar in its original location here: The 15 rules to design a perfect dashboard





5 Power BI Tips To Make Your Reports More Appealing And User-friendly



In the original article Paweł Szczecki gives you 5 tips on how to make the most of your Power BI Reports.


The summary of the tips:

  1. Simplicity - don’t go too fancy with Visualizations

  2. Context - Interrelations between elements

  3. Divide and conquer (or slicing and dicing) - filters

  4. High or Low perspective - hierarchies

  5. Meaningfulness - think about the message rather than the graphics


The entire article can be found here: 5 Power BI Tips to Make Your Reports More Appealing and User-friendly




My Top 5 Power BI Visual Design Practices: Transforming Good to Great



This blog post by Reid Havens offers you 5 concrete tips that will help to make sure your Power BI Report looks good, tells a story, pops, or his personal favourite “is aesthetically pleasing”


The summary of the tips in the article:

  1. Company logo

  2. Lines to help divide sections of the report

  3. Data timestamp to show how recent the refresh was

  4. Report formatting

  5. Dedicated DAX measures table


The entire article can be found here: My Top 5 Power BI Visual Design Practices: Transforming Good to Great


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