How to leverage filters when using Power BI on Digital Signage?

November 6, 2019

In this post we will focus more on the advanced, and highly requested, feature to leverage filters when using Power BI Reports on Digital Signage. 


This is a follow up article to our previous blog post about Microsoft Power BI on digital signage. If you are only beginning with Power BI and digital signage, we recommend you to start with this first:  “How to share Power BI dashboards on digital signage”


Now the good stuff. Pre-filtering is now supported on our Digital Signage - Power BI integration. 


We will provide you with an introduction to Power BI filters and go through the steps how to apply filters in the app settings.


Let’s start with a bit of introduction first.


Power BI Filters


Intro to Power BI Filters


Filters remove all the data from the report, except the one that you would like to focus on and show on your report. 


You can apply filters (page, visual, report, drill-through) in the Filter pane. Applying any of the filters have direct effect on your report.


With filters you can go from a high level report towards more detailed information to serve your target audience better.



As an example, if you have a global sales report, you could filter that in numerous ways i.e by geographical area, sales, margin, goods etc.


Filters can be edited and added in the editing view. You need to have editing rights to a report if you’d like to edit or add filters. 


If you have viewing rights to a report, you can still apply and interact with any filters that are already in place in the report


Microsoft have done a great job with the instructions around Power BI. They have a vast amount of articles around ie. filters if your require further, detailed information.


We are including further links regarding each section at the bottom of this post. ⬇️⬇️


Pre filtering a Power BI report


In Power BI each report has its own unique url. To filter a report you can obviously use the filter pane on the report. But Power BI also includes a feature that allows you to pre-filter the report by adding a query string to the url. 



You can start pre filtering the report In Power BI by adding the filter parameters to the url. With parameters, you can filter the report for one or more values. This example report shown above has been filtered to North Carolina:

?filter=Store/Territory eq 'NC'


Power BI Filters and Digital Signage


How to leverage filters when using Power BI on Digital Signage?


Pre filtering is now supported on Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage. This makes it even easier for you to use Power BI reports app to show live reports of office displays. 



Using filters saves you time as you do not need to create multiple reports in Power BI to be displayed for different audience groups. You can use one report that includes the required information.


You can create multiple digital signage apps out of that report to serve your different target audience groups relevant and focused information.


Power BI Filters on Digital Signage - An example


Let’s say that you have your global sales report and you would like this to be displayed around the sales offices, but with the right view for the right audience. 


You can create multiple digital signage apps based on that one Power BI report. Each app would show the same report, but with a different view. 


As an example, you can create these three apps for your signage:


1. One global high level view of your sales for all your office displays

- You would choose your app to show your global report without any filters. 


2. All visualisations  would show data for only North Carolina on all your displays in your offices in North Carolina.

- You would choose app to show your global report and add filter parameters for NC


3. All visualisations  would show data for only Maryland on all your displays in your offices in Maryland.

- You would choose app to show your global report and add filter parameters for Maryland


Displaying a pre-filtered report on Digital Signage 


1. Choose your report that will have your required data


You will simply select your global sales report in the drop down menu in app settings after authenticating Valotalive with your Power BI account (please see our previous post for further information about secure authentication)



2. Pass your query string parameters in app settings


You will pass your filter in Valotalive in Power BI Reports App settings in “Advanced” section.




In this case the display will use the parameter:


filter=Table/Territory eq ‘NC’ to apply the filters.


Filters always depend on the specific report in use. The above mentioned example is based on Microsoft’s sample data called Retail Analysis Sample.


3. Save your app settings in Valotalive and assign your apps to your flows accordingly.


In case you would need further information see the section below. ⬇️


Some more resources about Power BI and Digital Signage


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