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Social Media on internal Digital Signage driving employee engagement

Tell your employees what is happening right now, without additional work!


Display any social media on your digital signage with Valotalive.

Have your social media content running on your workplace digital signage with a few clicks

Social Media + Digital Signage + Employee Communication



Businesses post the latest, high flying and relevant updates to their social media channels.

Why not use that content in internal communication as well!


✅ Drive Engagement - Boost “one company” culture and drive can do attitude with company hashtags

✅ New followers - Promote social media internally and gain new followers from employees

✅ Do more with less - Social media posts work as automated content and news updates in internal communication

Valotalive logo white.png
Valotalive Social Media for Digital Sigage
- App Features

✅ Live Social Media on Digital Signage


Connect Valotalive with your social media accounts to automate engaging content. Go live with social media.


Turn your displays into a social media wall.


✅ Customizable Design


Customize the color themes of the social media app to match your brand. 


✅ Flow 


Mix posts from any social channel into one flow of information. Bundle content with other social media or data driven business information.

Have your social media running on info screens with a few clicks!


Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage 

Go live with social media!

No credit card required, fully featured, cancel anytime

"Valotalive with social media is a great tool to engage with your employees and to meet your visitors in the lobby".