Run Valotalive on Windows 10

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Valotalive on Windows 10 

You can run Valotalive on a computer running on Windows 10 when it has a Chrome Browser with the latest version.

Valotalive Chrome Extension turns your device with Windows 10 and Chrome browser into a live Digital Signage player.

Valotalive Multiview App on Digital Signage

Valotalive Chrome Extension

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Valotalive Chrome Extension is a modern media player application, built on the latest web technologies. 


Extensions add features and functions to the Chrome Browser. Valotalive Chrome extension turns your computer into a digital signage media player. 

See Valotalive Product page for further information about the service.

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"We see more engagement among employees. Employees will be engaged on business objectives, company updates, customer actions and the like"

Minna T, Content Manager, Fonecta

What is in Valotalive Chrome Extension?

✅ The extension comes fully featured similar to the Chrome OS application.


✅ Valotalive Extension runs your content in full screen.

✅ Set your Windows 10 player to run Valotalive Chrome Extension in kiosk mode.

How to activate Valotalive?

Install Valotalive Chrome Extension to Chrome Browser and get your content on displays using Valotalive. Make sure you have Valotalive account.


Valotalive Chrome Extension is easy to activate and available in Chrome Web Store.

What are the Hardware requirements?

We recommend using computers with similar computing power as our recommended Chrome Devices. 

You can benchmark the hardware here. ​

Try Valotalive Today

✔ Easy set up   ✔ No Credit Card needed   ✔ Cancel anytime

"Valotalive makes it easy for our community managers to update the content on-the-go. 


Best of all, Valotalive feed is integrated with various apps that we already use in our daily lives."

Toni Pienonen, "Jack of all trades", Crazy Town