Workplace Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Everything you need to know about workplace digital signage and how it is increasingly used in internal communication processes.

What is workplace digital signage?

Digital Signage in the workplace is mainly used to extend the reach of employee communication and to drive engagement.



Workplace digital signage is a dynamic, location-based communication channel used along with other communication channels such as personal communication, team messaging, and intranets.​

Clear communication and higher employee engagement can have a direct impact on bottom-line results.

Workplace Digital Signage is a "Zero Touch" solution. All content updates can be automated, increasing communication's productivity.


Companies with high-engaged workforce are 21% more profitable

Gallup's Analysis on How employee engagement drives growth

How different industries benefit from workplace digital signage? 

Digital Signage in manufacturing companies

Businesses in manufacturing are using digital signage to improve productivity:




  • Intranet news is automated to digital signage screens in order to keep those employees, with no direct intranet access, up-to-date.

Companies with effective communication are 3.5 times likely to outperform their peers.

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Change and communication ROI study by Willis Towers Wattson

Digital Signage in retail employee communication

Retail employee communication has a direct impact on your customers and sales.


Engaged and motivated front line staff members can have a big impact on the overall customer experience.


Using digital signage in the staff rooms retailers can:


  • Communicate with the geographically dispersed team.


  • Provide the latest updates with highly targeted messages.

  • Encourage teams to reach their targets with automated live sales data visualizations.

74 % of effective organizations focus on driving employee behaviour.

Change and communication ROI study by Willis Towers Wattson

Digital Signage in IT & Technology companies

Digital Signage for IT companies is a natural channel for communication.


The workplace digital signage automatically displays the company's latest content on them.


The screens show live information in a visual format from different data sources such as:




  • Press Releases



Digital displays will steer teams to be more engaged, reactive, and agile.

Engaged teams have 17% higher productivity.

Gallup's Analysis on How employee engagement drives growth

Did you know?

The use of digital signage in internal communication processes is increasing in businesses of all kind.​

Read below to find out why


Strategy, transformation, and sustainability communication are including digital signage into their communication plans due to proven results in employee reach and engagement.


Increased capabilities, such as

self-service integrations to relevant business systems and content update automation, make workplace digital signage an effortless tool for communicators to use to boost employee communication.

Business relevance

 Modern digital signage platforms that integrate with other business systems keep communication channels aligned.

"Designed for Internal Communication"

Valotalive - A Workplace Digital Signage platform with automation

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